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Industrial Bellow
We are offering a wide range of highly tensile and rigid Industrial Bellow in various shapes and sizes that can be used in various applications such as agriculture, petrochemical, cryogenic, metal manufacturing, electrical, and many more. 
Expansion Bellows
Expansion Bellows are industrial-grade joints that are designed to withstand the impacts of thermal expansion and movement within the pipe systems. They are available in single as well as double axial designs as per the industrial systems where they are going to be installed.
Bellows are special type of pipe joints that are commonly used in medium to high-pressure pipelines due to their excellent capability to withstand large vibrations and hydraulic impacts to ensure higher safety within the flow lines and prevents the risk of leakages. 
Expansion Joint
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium-class Expansion Joint made up of highly tensile alloyed engineering-grade materials that impart high strength and rigidity to bear harsh working conditions within chemical plants, wastewater treatment centers, and other industrial facilities. 
Rectangular Bellow
Buy from us industrial-grade Rectangular Bellow that can be used in various industrial applications as a professional way for the covering of machine tools and electronic equipment to ensure higher safety of the machines as well as the operators working near them. 
Athulya Bellows & Engineering Pvt Ltd is a Gujarat, India-based manufacturer and exporter of industrial-grade Compensator used to easily accommodate movements within the pipes. These fittings are made up of top-quality alloyed materials that offer high tensile strength and rigidity to bear harsh working conditions. 

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